Monday, January 25, 2010

Bleach Bath Instructions Provided by Dermatologists

Bleach baths have antibacterial properties that decrease the number of staph. bacteria (staphylococcus), such as MRSA, on the skin. This can reduce the number of atopic dermatitis flares and decrease the use of antibiotics to control skin infections.

Bleach bath instructions are now available for dermatologists to deliver to their patients with atopic dermatitis. Dermatologists that use Vivacare’s “From Your Doctor” patient education service can display bleach bath information along with other patient handouts regarding a wide range of skin care issues, including atopic dermatitis, bleach baths, corticosteroids, itching, moisturizers, and general skin care advice.

The use of bleach baths had been shown to provide rapid and significant improvement in the signs and symptoms of bacterial infections associated with atopic dermatitis when used in conjunction with oral antibiotics.

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