Monday, January 25, 2010

Acne Treatment with Non-Prescription Medications

When asked about the proper role for over-the-counter, non-prescription acne medications, leading dermatologists offered their opinions.

“OTC acne medications can help many patients - and trying them first can be a great first step in treating acne”, said
Dr. Jeffrey Ellis of Belaray Dermatology in Plainview, New York. “If you try out an OTC acne product for 2-4 weeks, and find that your skin is not yet clear - it is time to call a dermatologist.”

According to
Dr. Steven Feldman, professor of pathology and dermatology at Wake Forest University Medical Center, "For patients with relatively mild disease, a topical vitamin A medication with a topical antibiotic can be used. Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, but combined use with a benzoyl peroxide product helps prevent resistant organisms from developing. This topical approach is the foundation of treatment.”

The clinical judgment provided by
dermatologists are published by Vivacare, a patient education company that provides dermatologists with tools to educate their patients and the public about skin conditions and offer skin care advice.

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