Friday, December 18, 2009

New Expert Opinion Page

Patients with acne can now find the opinion and expert advice of leading dermatologists online.

A recent Los Angeles Times article by Dr. Valerie Ulene covered her experience seeking acne treatment for her teenage daughter and the over reliance on OTC and at-home therapies which are often ineffective.

The article indicated that most dermatologists think that non-prescription topical medications might be advised for the first line treatment of mild acne, but that only benzoyl peroxide has sufficient evidence to support it's use as acne treatment.

Dr. Ulene concluded that in order to combat acne, her daughter needed a dermatologist. Her acne had progressed beyond what over-the-counter products could do to help her with her condition. "When it comes to anything beyond mild acne, doctors hold the cards. The most effective medications all require a prescription."

These expert opinions are a great resource for getting up to the minute advice from practicing dermatologists with specific knowledge of your condition. The clinical judgments provided by dermatologists are published by Vivacare, a patient education company that provides dermatologists with tools to educate their patients and the public about skin conditions and skin care advice.

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