Friday, December 11, 2009

The Link Between Diet and Acne Still Unclear

An acne survey of 461 acne patients, 98.5% of which had an acne breakout in the last 12 months, concluded that people suffering from acne are still uncertain about the relationship between what they eat and the frequency and severity of their acne. 47.7% of the respondents indicated that they think "eating some foods" can make their acne worse, while only 22.8% report noticing their own acne worsening after eating certain foods.
Chocolate and french fries are two foods that are often thought to contribute to acne breakouts. In this survey, each participant was asked to determine whether or not they believe that these foods affect acne outbreaks and, also, whether or not these particular foods affect the participant's own acne. Though 76.3% of the survey participants reported hearing that chocolate can make acne worse, only 25.1% reported that chocolate made their own acne worse. Similarly 69.4% reported that they believe French Fries can make acne worse, but only 16.6% reported that French Fries worsened their own acne.
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