Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rosacea-Doctors: Rosacea Information from Dermatologists

Vivacare Inc. announced the launch of the Rosacea-Doctors Website to offer patients with up-to-date, clinically relevant health information from top rosacea experts.

The Rosacea-doctors Website contains dermatologist-authored information about rosacea, including self-care advice, a rosacea diary, medication information (Oracea, MetroGel, Finacea, Plexion), laser and light treatments (including intense pulse light - IPL), and more.

Rosacea-Doctors is part of the FromYourDoctor service from Vivacare Inc. "Vivacare aims to strengthen the online voice of dermatologists", says Mark Becker, M.D., founder of Vivacare. "People are seeking health information online and we want to be sure that they have a clear understanding of their own doctor's clinical perspective before receiving second and third opinions from anonymous online sources".

"It is particularly fulfilling to launch Rosacea-doctors in April in honor of National Rosacea Awareness Month and to support the National Rosacea Society in its effort to increase awareness of this often undiagnosed skin condition", said Dr. Becker.

Rosacea-Doctors highlights those dermatologists who have written particularly helpful information for their patients regarding rosacea. For example, patients and consumers can learn more about their disease from Hilary Baldwin M.D. a dermatologist and past President of the American Acne and Rosacea Society.

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