Monday, April 20, 2009

Acne-Doctors: Dermatologist-Authored Resources for People with Acne

People seeking information about acne can now turn to the recently launched Acne-Doctors Website to gain information from their most trusted source, dermatologists.

The content is written by experts in skin care, and covers a wide range of practical acne advice. Key portions of the service include "Acne News", "Acne Treatment", "Retinoids for Acne", "Acne Procedures", "Acne Scars" and "Acne Skin Care".

The Acne-Doctors Website is part of the FromYourDoctor service from Vivacare Inc. The FromYourDoctor service enables physicians to easily create their own customizable patient education resource for their practice, including a Patient Education Library with patient handouts and clinical images, and a Patient eNewsletter. Physicians can use the service to provide their patients with convenient access to helpful health information that reinforces key clinical messages.

For instance, Gerald Goldberg, M.D., a dermatologist in Tucson Arizona, uses the FromYourDoctor service to publish his handouts and medical photographs online. His handout on acne provides details regarding his personal approach to acne care.

The Acne-Doctors Website highlights those dermatologists that use the FromYourDoctor service who have written particularly helpful information for their patients regarding acne. For example, Jeffrey Dover, M.D., a dermatologist in Chestnut Hill, MA and author of 'The Youth Equation', wrote a particularly in-depth summary of acne scars that is published on Acne-Doctors.

Learn more from a recent Acne-doctors press release.

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  1. This should provide a nice alternative to all the hyperbole and snake oil salemen out there selling the next "cure" for acne. Thank you.


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